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14 June 2006 / April

Exams ’06, day two

So, the math final: short and not too difficult. Especially because I could totally check out of the Probability Hotel and drive out of Statistics City! I’m very glad we were allowed to choose the problems. That helped boost my confidence level, as did spending an hour checking it over and comparing answers with Asian geniuses (genii? geniii?) afterwards. Insert massive “knock on wood” here.

Then I began my wait for the 12 o’clock bus at half past 11 and as a result didn’t miss it!

While walking home from the bus stop, I tried to think of the adjective to describe how the test was. My train of thought went something like this: “Hm, it was okay. It went fine. Hm. Isn’t there some kind of food-related phrase that refers to something that went well? Like creamy. Or apples and bananas. Or swimmingly, except that’s not a food unless you like chlorine/ocean water. Or happy fishing-ly. Or…”

Eventually I hit upon it. The math exam was just peachy.

Now I’ll go look that up to make sure I’m using it right.

peachy, adj.

  1. Resembling a peach, especially in color or texture.
  2. Informal. Splendid; fine.

Well, I don’t believe the math exam resembled a peach in color, texture, or other traits, but otherwise I think I’m good to go.


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