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12 June 2006 / April

I believe

I was going to write about how today didn’t feel like the last day of classes, not at all, how I miss the celebratory mood that accompanied the last day of school back in the days when it really was the last day, rather than the last day… before final exams.

I was going to write about the nothingness we accomplished in classes today, and how that was only to be expected. I was going to write about the toothbrush I got in Biology, the much anticipated dance-off between Creagan/Ledley and Justin/Chris in Humanities, the relief I felt upon learning from a sophomore on the bus ride home that the Global final really won’t be that hard.

But instead, I will write about my classmates and what they believe.

I now have a recording of some (alas, only some) of my peers reading their “This I Believe” essays for Global, and I was just amazed. I guess I just underestimate you guys too much.

They surprised me, almost every single one did. Some kids I tend to dislike wrote and read sentiments that made me want to cry. Some students who generally make me laugh with their idiocy made me laugh again, but at the cleverness, the truth of their words. One person whose voice I do not recognize wrote something that left my jaw hanging, because it was just so beautiful, and so simple.

I guess I really am naive. I feel that because these young people have written these words, they really do believe them and are not just fumbling through in an effort to pass Global class. I mean, you can’t write so well about something you don’t find true, can you? It’s comforting to know that I attend school where there are people who hold worthy beliefs.

Happy last day of school.



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  1. JP / Jun 12 2006 7:58 pm

    I haven’t heard all of them yet, just flipped through and stuff. Most of the people sounded serious, and pri-tty wise. I liked yours apri. it made me think about doing things for myself instead of for college. Profound… Some people have similar beliefs, which was interesting. They’re really a glimpse into a person’s mind and thoughts.

  2. April / Jun 13 2006 8:17 am

    Thanks JP– I wish I could’ve heard yours! I bet it isn’t as corny as you think it is.

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