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6 June 2006 / April

Another abbr. entry

At the current rate of decline, this blog will turn into a collection of biweekly lists of life-related stuff and things churned out during loose five-minute intervals I find hiding in the dark cobwebby corners of my room.

(Until summer, that is.)

I’ve read some other people’s online collections of daily ramblings, and they’ve all been so good and thoughtful and well-written. It makes me feel “less than okay,” to put it in pre-high school terminology. Do you remember when everyone used to say that? “You make me feel less than okay.” Not bad, or sad, or mad, or frustrated, or depressed, or furious, or sucky, or even meh. Just “less than okay.”

Well, now the sensible part of me is coughing in a very pronounced and impatient manner, gesturing wildly at the nine-page draft of my research paper and the requirements sheet for my English portfolio. So I guess I will have to postpone my List of Random Crap That Has Occurred in the Interim Between This Entry and the Last (Namely, Three Days) until an even later date.

Oh, what the heck. Here we go: Tattler proofs parties and pink pens, awards ceremonies, wigs and oppression, math quizzes, biology quizzes and lollipops, skipping Choir to warm up veggieburgers in the “bathroom,” German movies, the almost-lockdown drill, Bingo chips, movies, reviewing, taking walks, sunny days in the upper 70s, dictionaries, trees in the attendance office, girls with fluffy white bunny ears. Okay. I’m done.


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