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28 May 2006 / April

S. ground

My dog is really, really boring. I have to observe animal behaviors for Bio class, and I didn’t have enough foresight to arrange and pigeon-watching session at the Commons so I decided to just watch my dog. My notes look, in part, like this:

-s. ground, shakes entire body
-continues s. ground for much of the time
-stands, l. around, w. towards car and around to different places
-s. weeds for long time, urinates
-w. while s. ground, car, stick, air
-about to urinate, but doesn’t
-lies down on side, exhaling deeply, l. around

Where s. is “sniffs,” w. is “walks,” and l. is “looks.”

And this is the interesting part, when she wasn’t just sleeping or (gasp) turning her head. Oh no, I lied– the interesting part is when she barked. Once. Oh my gosh.

How does my teacher expect me to interpret stuff like this? “She sniffed the ground because she wanted to know what it smelled like. She urinated to mark her territory. I have no idea why she was about to urinated but decided not to. Dogs are just weird like that. She exhaled because, as an aerobic heterotrophic multicellular mammalian animal, she needs to breathe.”

On the plus side, it’s a beautiful day.


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  1. JP / May 28 2006 12:45 pm

    heh, heh, heh, go chase a squirrel or chipmunk or something. i’m sure a skunk would be more interesting…

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