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12 May 2006 / April

Friday thoughts

Bright clear mornings after nightlong rain showers are gorgeosity itself. It made me want to cry.

Then we didn’t get to walk to the Johnson Museum, but at least we did go (via hot and cramped school bus) and missed most of the school day. So it was all good. I wish we’d had a little more time to just look at artwork there, but hey, it was an academic field trip after all.

I don’t know how and when we’re going to have time to film movies for German class. No way.

I have absolutely no idea how to format indirect proofs. Mostly because I wasn’t in math class today. I should probably call someone about it. But later, or else people will think I’m a total nerd for doing math homework on a Friday evening. Wait, am I posting this on the internet…

I can’t believe the music trip is next week!!!

I spent lots of time with Maira recording stuffs for her video audition thing. “Meditation” by Massenet is definitely jinxed for us. We had to stop because (1) the dog got in the picture, (2) the cat got in the picture, (3) the father arrived home, (4) the mother started coughing, (5) the phone rang, (6) I had to sneeze, (7), (8), (9), you get the idea. It was a long haul.

But they treated me to Bavarian raspberry fudge ice cream (yummy), so I am quite happy enough.

I really, really, really should start studying for the Biology SATs. And the plant test on Monday, too, which is probably going to be relatively difficult considering that it’s Biology we’re talking about here, where getting an A on a test is considered “difficult” because the class is just easy. With our teacher, that is.

I also have another piano performance tomorrow. Eep.

I’m not bringing my right foot or my pancreas to college. But I am bringing a wall for my roommate to confine me with, and a piece of fluff from my carpet. (DISCLAIMER: Information stated in the previous paragraph may or may not be correct.)

The Tattler editors are awesome.



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  1. JP / May 13 2006 3:33 pm

    man, how did you do that fish thing?! the artwork on the first floor were so deep, especially the iron one. i liked the paintings, some people just have mad skills. and yeah, GERMAN. I’d much rather do some serious studying for the benchmark.

    you probably got it, but indirect proofs: assume the thing you’re trying to prove as wrong. then possibly assume something else that must be true according to your first assumption. then blah blah, shows contradiction, so the thing you’re trying to prove must be true. did that make sense?

    and oh yeah, for global haikus, do we have to use special terms in the shinto reading or incorporate shinto stuff, or whatever at all?

  2. April / May 13 2006 5:05 pm

    For the fish thing, I used this special Powerpoint/Paint program type thing, called Inform. It was fun.

    As for indirect proofs, I get you. Danke sehr.

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