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16 April 2006 / April


PHEW. I was really, really, really, really, really, really worried that my blog had died. A slow, horrible, torturous, painful death. The web address would pull up the site, but with no posts and (even worse, oh horror of horrors) the title “My Weblog.” Gah!

Breaking out in a cold sweat, I went to some other WordPress blogs. And found that they were down too.

Now I am comforted in knowing that (1) I am not alone in my suffering, (2) There’s probably something wrong with WordPress itself, not my individual blog, and (3) If WordPress loses all of our posts, it will be promptly assaulted by hordes of angry pitchfork-and-torch bearing bloggers demanding justice.

That being said, I will now store this post away, in draft form, to wait for the time when Circadian Rhythms rises from the ashes and is resurrected in a new and more glorious form.

Happy Easter, by the way, to all who celebrate it 😉

EDIT (10:12 AM on 4/18): Yay! It works!


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