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3 April 2006 / April

At the piano

All this piano stuff is probably boring any un-pianistically inclined persons out of their minds.

But when you’ve been doing something as long as I have played piano, some interesting quirks are bound to develop. Case in point: I laugh a lot when I play piano. I mean, I’m not bursting into glass-shattering guffaws every other measure, but I definitely laugh more than I should. Like when I hear the pencil my sister dropped in the piano clattering around. And especially when I play a wrong last note, when it’s supposed to be all grand and impressive and “hooray!”-ish and I play a wrong note, and there’s something so utterly hilarious that I just crack up.

I also talk to myself a lot when practicing. Another really bad incipient habit. Occasionally I’ll tell myself out loud to concentrate, or demand my stubborn music to stay closed, and then I’ll find that so funny that I start laughing, then tell myself to shut up, and so on and so forth.

Oi. It’s already 8? I was so proud of myself for having gotten used to the time change so easily when I woke up bright and early on Sunday, but it was not to be. Feels just like 7 PM right now, not to mention the fact that 6 this morning felt like some other unspeakably early hour. Daylight Savings will kill me in the end, I swear.


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