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16 March 2006 / April

Know what sucks?

Math tests.

You study all the minute differences between each of the 12 or so complex formulas you have to memorize. Every spare moment you have, you whip out a piece of paper and a pencil and start writing them down. You run through them in your head as you walk to the Commons. You see them in your dreams.

Then, your math teacher goes and gives you the formulas for the test.

Okay. That’s only vaguely frustrating and would’ve actually been helpful if I hadn’t obsessed over it as I had. But the math test was just so hard in general, and I didn’t know that 75 was 150 divided by 2 or 45 plus 30 (no, we couldn’t use calculators; yes, I’m an idiot), and one of the problems didn’t even seem to have any real roots, and it was, you know, just so hard in general.

Having braces taken off two of your teeth also sucks. Braces off all of your teeth = good. Braces off only some of your teeth = bad. I’ve been answering questions about this all day. What’s going on is that I have to get two of my teeth fixed (long story), so the braces must be off.

Many other things do not suck, however. Like the DNA profiling lab in Biology. Our DNA bands showed up quite nicely, which was cool.

Also gorging myself on pizza during the welcoming party 6th period (my lunch, conveniently) for the really good choir from Baltimore. And:

Mary: “Shouldn’t we go sit up there like Mr. Loomis told us to?”

Me: “Since when do we do what Mr. Loomis tells us to?”


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