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11 March 2006 / April

A Long Couple of Days

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote here, so without further ado, let’s begin.

(With an intro like this, I am practically forced to write a long entry. Argh. The pressure.)

I don’t remember anything from yesterday except being told that I should write my name and the date together as “April 23 S. 2006” or something, watching the Gandhi movie in English, and the insanely fun time after school I had with Karin: walking to the Commons, at the Commons, walking back to IHS, and at Cabaret. By the way, congrats to all performers. You are all extremely talented.

Anyway, Karin and I just acted generally weird and random and high and, well, like we normally do, except multiplied by 700. We belted out songs with notes completely out of our ranges, ate yummy Indian and Greek food, drank coconut French sodas, danced merry jigs in the Autumn Leaves cafe, made up new words, laughed about Elmos sitting on soap dispensers, sang some more, etc etc etc. We even did homework! Yeah! That’s just how cool we are.

Today, I was awakened by my mom sounding frustrated that I was sleeping in (till 10! that’s nothing for me!). As a result I became extremely angry, and we both shouted a bit at each other before completely and quickly getting over it. We do that sort of thing a lot.

Later I went to my People to People meeting in Binghamton. We talked about dress code, had students give presentations on France, shared journal entries, played random games, and ate really really good French desserts. Those coconut cookie things dipped in chocolate (they had a name, I’m sure) were pure bliss, baked in an oven. I kid you not.

I am currently pretending to be multitasking by have my Biology textbook in front of my while I type this. Yeeeah…

PS. When I hover my mouse cursor anywhere in my browser window, a tooltip pops up reading “true.” Huh? What’s true?



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  1. kommissar2000 / Mar 12 2006 1:16 pm

    How does one upload .aif files? I was wondering if you knew. it seems as if you really know how to use this site, in contrast with me.

  2. April / Mar 12 2006 7:32 pm

    Hah. Really know how to use it? Not quite… I’m afraid you may not even be able to upload .aif files, but I’m not really sure.


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