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9 March 2006 / April

Winter’s on the wing

Walking home from the bus stop just now, I heard a real racket and looked up to see a massive “V” of geese flying north. 60 degrees F on Sunday! Ah, spring, it’s about time.

I think the highlight of my day was when Ms. A wanted to look something up and have a student take notes on the board, and she said “James, will you– no, April, you’re handwriting’s better…” It was a complete diss. But funny, and alas, true. Though my handwriting’s pretty crappy too.

I really don’t have much short-term homework. Which is to say, I have projects and tests and things to work on, but I’m not motivated to do so without a deadline in the very near future. This is why I completely wasted the study hall we were given in English class (since there was a substitute). Oh well. It was fun. Like when I was wondering where the fungi were on JP’s thing about “Plant and Animal Kingdoms.” Hey, I haven’t studied this stuff since seventh grade!

Speaking of science, we randomly changed seats in Biology today, even though we usually only do it once every ten weeks, because our class has been being all disruptive and disrespectful and un-learning and whatever. Yeah, I think our teacher has really lost it with our class. She has like zero patience nowadays.

Well, I must be gone now. Just because I don’t have homework doesn’t mean I’m entirely without responsibilities.


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  1. JP / Mar 11 2006 4:07 pm

    hehe. hey, mushrooms are cool. sorry to break it to you, but…you didn’t entirely waste the period. you did cool imaginary number stuff, or complicated formulae or whatever crap i didn’t learn. that emil movie was so funny. wait, i’m fast forwording your life here. oops

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