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5 March 2006 / April



I spent Friday afternoon and all of yesterday cleaning room. And not just wiping everything down with a rag and throwing some clothes into a drawer. No no no. I moved every piece of furniture in my room except for my bed, cleaned out like eight years worth of accumulated junk and dust and memories, moved down my sister’s old desk to my room, sneezed constantly from dust and allergies…


(My room in the process of being cleaned on Friday, before any furniture was moved)

And I haven’t practiced piano or done hardly any homework this entire weekend, and there’s still lots of stuff on the floor, and the mirror right across the room from where I am is kind of creeping me out.


I have a book shelf and a bulletin board right next to my new, much larger desk, and I no longer have to stress about cleaning out all the junk in my room later (except for my closet. shhh…), I have a lucky bamboo in my room now and much more natural light, and I am feeling altogether very fulfilled.

And besides, there’s doing homework in order to get a good grade… and then there’s organizing your life. You get what I’m saying?



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  1. Nistopher / Mar 5 2006 4:49 pm

    A lucky, DYING bamboo…

  2. JP / Mar 5 2006 5:32 pm

    i cleaned my room in a sense where i stuffed everything away. and thanks about the mask.

  3. April / Mar 6 2006 3:30 pm

    I think bamboo just look like that when they’re mature. All nice and brown and dry…

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