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28 February 2006 / April

In the Library

Hah. WordPress isn’t banned by IHS! Yayness.

I was at the Circulation Desk getting colored pencils (they have colored pencils! is that not cool?) when I heard a voice hiss, “April!

This isn’t as uncommon for me as for most people, since my name’s a month, so really I hear strangers say it all the time and it’s not that weird. Then the same voice started whispering “Grace,” and I remembered the dude in my math class who always calls me Grace. I looked around, and sure enough, it was one of his homies. He said he was just calling to see what my name really was.

I considered this for a moment, then realized that I had actually responded to Grace, not April. Whoops. “But… my name’s not Grace.”

Great. People are seriously confused about my name now.



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  1. JP / Feb 28 2006 7:48 pm

    ha, ha, ha, why grace? that’s happened before, and i don’t get WHY GRACE. elch is better for you, because of the pig thing 😛

  2. April / Mar 1 2006 8:44 pm

    I really don’t know why Grace…

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