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27 February 2006 / April

One of my moments

I just realized that I’d completely neglected to put one of my sources on my annotated bibliography, and I totally panicked. Luckily, it’s just one source. But I’d had an entire week to catch these sort of idiotic omissions… oh well.

Anyway. The (anti)climax of my first day back at school from break was Biology class, where we didn’t take notes for once. Instead, we got to dissect a fetal pig. [gags] The poor thing was all cold and pale and wrinkled, and as you snip-snipped at the skin and muscle with the little scissors, this horrible white fluid came gushing out and…

“Too much information!” I hear you cry. Well, I’m just glad I don’t have Biology right after lunch.

Then, in Choir, I found that all the swarms of people (i.e. two) clammoring to do piano accompaniments and relieve me of my duties– they really only wanted to do one each. So I’m accompanying part-time now. Hooray.

After school, my sister was looking in a closet for a certain purple spiral notebook when she abruptly exclaimed, “Hey!”

Me: “What?”

Amy: [in a tone of joyous astonishment]”There are a whole bunch of Sesame Street magazines!” (She’s an older sister, let me remind you.)

Me: [starts laughing uncontrollably] “Oh, I thought maybe you’d found 500 purple notebooks… or a pot of gold.”

Someday, when we’ve got nothing better to do, we’ll take out those wonderful Sesame Street magazines and entertain ourselves in the way of six-year-olds. Yes.



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  1. JP / Feb 27 2006 9:06 pm

    i actually didn’t include one of my sources on purpose. 1 lazy 2 already have enough sources 3 it’s not final. man, you guys had to dissect those pigs before we do. did anybody throw up? heh…heh…heh, sesame street, haven’t watched/read that in a while.

  2. April / Feb 28 2006 3:50 pm

    No one threw up. But many were about to…


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