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25 February 2006 / April

Of walkaholics and apples

My mom is currently headed to the apple orchard. By foot. I predict the journey will take approximately an hour and a bit, one way. Then she’s going to purchase two (big) bags of apples and carry them home. Another hour or so. She really, really likes to walk.

I suggested that she use a little red wagon or something to lighten her burden, but she refused.

Really, sometimes I think my mom ended up in the wrong century. She would fit better in the 1500s or some time thereabouts, when everyone travelled by foot, sewed and washed their clothes by hand, and cooked from scratch.

By the way, my sister is auditioning today at Lawrence, in a town with the charming (and coincidental) name of Appleton, WI. Much luck to her!



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  1. Kari / Feb 25 2006 2:50 pm

    I am like your mom. Except I’m not tall. But I am like your mom in the way that I looooove to walk…but the freezing-ze-ass-off experiences are not fun. Otherwise, I’m so excited for spring!! We can start walking down to the commons again!!! *squee*

    Man. I shall dub you a loser for leaving xanga, but i must admit, this is a pretty cool blogging site.

  2. JP / Feb 25 2006 4:32 pm

    Hey Apri. This is just like xanga. Except, not. Well, I’m not that big of a lover of walking myself, but I can understand the joy. I guess I shall come here to read your everyday stories, huh. Good luck to your sis.


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