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28 July 2011 / April

Something new

So seeing as this blog has been languishing for a considerable length of time now, I’ve taken the only logical route… and created a new blog.  Hey, third time’s the charm, right?  (Bonus points if you read my very first blog.)

Here is my inaugural entry, which only provides slightly more explanation than this one.  And here‘s the main site so you can peruse my most recent posts.  See you there!

8 July 2011 / April

Things we’ve cooked, as depicted by a series of terrible iPhone photos

We = me + Nick.  Ordered chronologically.  This list is by no means all-inclusive. If you want recipes, ask and I may be able to dredge them up from my memory/the internet.

Salsa. Made entirely with fresh Williams garden ingredients (besides the garlic, I think).

Challah. Perfect for drunk weekend nights, quiet evenings with soup, and every other occasion you could possibly imagine.

Butternut squash soup. Yummy even though I don’t like squash.

Cheesecake. Still not sure why Nick had a springform pan at his disposal, but I wasn’t complaining.

Popovers. For when you don’t have the ingredients for anything else.

Casserole. America’s lasagna.

Cupcakes. For Margaret’s birthday. Made from a mix, but hey who’s keeping score?

Stir fry. My specialty (read: pretty much the only thing I can successfully cook on my own).

The ultimate sandwich. Melted cheese, fried egg, baby spinach, banana peppers, leftover Forge wings.

Tuscan sausage soup. Heaven in a pot.

Guacamole and spicy chicken soup. Tons of tomatoes in many shapes and forms.

Scones. Perfect for post-England cravings.

Sangria. Dangerously tasty.

5 July 2011 / April

Yaaaaay laundry

So I’m doing laundry!  Yaaaaaaay laundry!

Since laundry is boring, I thought I’d write a blog post.  I suppose I thought of my poor neglected blog because I just got an account at Google+, which got me thinking about internet presence and being social and communicative and stuff.

Anyway, Google+ happens to come along at just the right time for me (the world?), because I’d gotten to the point where I was HATING FACEBOOK SO FUCKING MUCH but still kind of wanted a social network to play with.  If you’re curious, it currently seems slick and Googley and empty, which is about what you’d expect from a new social network by Google.  The real test comes with time.

In other news, you may or may not be aware that the greatest nation on earth recently celebrated its birthday by exploding things!  Way to go, America!

Nick flew up to Boston for the weekend (well, the week, but who’s keeping track).  We ate lots of cheap delicious noms and walked around a lot and drank bubble shakes (fruit shakes + tapioca pearls, dude just go with it, the stuff is tasty as fuck).  We also kayaked down the Charles (in a two-person kayak, no less) for a crazy upper body workout and some bitchin’ skylines, and spent like all of Sunday at the Museum of Science because why wouldn’t we?  Oh and we watched those firework things too, that was pretty sweet.

Wow, I thought of so many things to blog about while walking back from the T and I can’t think of ANY of them right now.  And my laundry isn’t even half done.

15 June 2011 / April

To the guy I passed twice at Shaw’s, him with a stack of yogurts, me with an onion and a box of granola:

I know, right?

4 June 2011 / April

Why we weren’t at Last Chance

Nick didn’t realize we needed to (1) be on campus on Wednesday, AND (2) pay out the ass in order to participate in Senior Week events.  So instead of getting drunk and going to a fancy pants dance party, we flew kites at Lake Onota (so windy!) and played with Legos.



Oh and also, the reason we weren’t on campus on Wednesday is because we were flying back from Florida, where we ate awesome seafood and watched perfect sunsets and swam in the exquisitely turquoise 85-degree waters of the Gulf.  In short: we win.


In other news, Nick and the stellar class of 2011 are graduating from Williams tomorrow.  So yeah: shit is getting totally real.

19 May 2011 / April

Feeling old, again

It just occurred to me that I have no idea when I’ll be in Ithaca again.  Certainly no sooner than August 20.  Surely no later than… Christmas?  Maybe?  And if not, then I go abroad for spring 2012 and do something work-y or research-y for summer 2012 and get back to Ithaca by… Christmas NEXT YEAR?  Maybe?

And what about after that?

Having a sister who just got her master’s and a boyfriend who’s getting a BA in a couple weeks does weird things to my sense of time.  Not to mention my sense of oldness.

(Speaking of feeling old, holy shit this blog is ancient.)

18 April 2011 / April

Pro tips for being intelligent in the modern age

Let’s say, purely hypothetically, you’re a student at Williams College.  And your ID card stops working.  So you bring it to security (hopefully during one of the approximately three hours during the week when the only person on campus who knows how to do this stuff is not on lunch break) and get it replaced.

Now, if you’re on a meal plan, you go to dining services (actually you don’t have to physically go there anymore, but whatever) and get your meal plan reactivated on your new card.  And, magically, they KNOW how many meals you have left for the week.

HOWEVER, if you have laundry money on your card – let’s say $10 or $20 of laundry money (again, purely hypothetically) – they DON’T KNOW how much money you have left.

This is inane.  Because I lied a minute ago there.  It’s NOT magical that they know how many meals you have left, it’s because they have a record INDEPENDENT OF THE CARD ITSELF that keeps track of how many meals you have left.  Of course they do!

Yet somehow, they lack this record for keeping track of how much money you have left.  Somehow they can tell you, “Sorry, the amount can’t be read off the card,” and you’re thinking, “Well OF COURSE you can’t read the card, the card is fucking BROKEN.”  They need some rudimentary system, like I don’t know on a COMPUTER or something, that STILL KNOWS HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE LEFT even if THE CARD ITSELF IS BROKEN.

Like imagine if your debit card got worn out and your bank told you, “Sorry, we can’t figure out how much money is on your card.”  And you lost all your money.

Maybe somebody’s thinking, “April, laundry money is not the same as a bank account, and anyway why did you put so much laundry money on your card in the first place?”  First of all, didn’t I say this was purely hypothetical, who said I was talking about myself?


Finally, the convenience of NOT having to scrounge for quarters for laundry every couple weeks is NEGATED if you instead have to go to Paresky to put money on your card for laundry every couple weeks.  Technology is supposed to make our lives EASIER, but it only does that if we use it SMARTLY.

Fuck I hate laundry day.